Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting

By choosing and installing the right lighting, your outdoor illumination becomes both a functional and beautiful landscaping component.

Whether a residential or commercial project, we guarantee quality outdoor lighting done right and completed on schedule. Check out the rest of our website or request a free quote at the link below.

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We start by consulting with clients about their outdoor lighting needs, whether it is to showcase a home or a plant bed, or to light a sidewalk or patio.


Outdoor lighting puts the finishing touches on a landscape. B&H provides a wide variety of designs and will work with you to showcase the best–and most beautiful–parts of your outdoor space.


B&H works with qualified electricians and technicians who understand the unique safety concerns of outdoor lighting. Safety is one of our top priorities.


Outdoor lighting deters burglaries and other crimes. The solution is simple, but the security that outdoor lighting gives you and your family is invaluable.

Benefits of Our Service
  • Outdoor lighting also extends the time that family and friends can spend outside, so you can take advantage of those long summer evenings.
  • It also puts a finishing touch on an outdoor space. Your back patio transforms from an outdoor space to an extended part of your home.
  • A well-lit house deters burglaries and other crime. Lighting also helps you to see at night when you are walking up a path to the front door or pulling into the garage.
  • B&H doesn’t just install outdoor lighting. You hire just one company to complete every step of your landscape project, from excavating soil, to planting trees, to installing lights.
  • Whether it is a stand-alone lighting project, outdoor lighting in tandem with a landscape project, or commercial outdoor lighting, we do it all.

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