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More Than Just an Excavation Company

Are you starting to build your home and need qualified experience in getting the foundation ready? Are you finding excavation contractors in the Nashville, TN area that don’t have the equipment or knowledge on how to handle your project? Do you need to hire a professional that knows how to do trenching, landscaping, and septic or filtration installation?

Trust the experience that BH Landscape Services provides. We have the head knowledge and the background experience as well as the machinery needed to do any excavation job. And we will help walk you through each step of the process to your complete satisfaction.

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Textbook Knowledge Combined With Practical Experience

Excavating in Nashville, TN includes many steps and considerations from beginning to end. We have taken the time to educate ourselves on every step involved as well as the latest techniques and machinery to get the hard work done. Couple that with years of experience in the trade, and we can assure you that each project will be done correctly the first time.

A Personal Touch Above Other Excavating Companies in Nashville, TN

As a residential home builder, you have a vested interest in your project. Building your dream home starts from the foundation up, and excavating is a necessary step in that process. And we know that while most home builders are concerned with the work involved, they may not know how to go about achieving what they need.

We take a personal interest in each of our customers and make each project our very own. We help walk you through each step of the excavation process and encourage open and honest communication at all times. Our experienced team at B&H Landscape Services is upfront about what the work entails, the steps necessary, and what the bottom line will be. Not only that, we always try to work within your budget and are completely transparent with our communication. In other words, we take a personal interest in your project from beginning to end.

Available For Any Excavation Project

Do you need a utility line installed? Is there a need for a septic tank for your home building project? Are you tired of calling multiple excavation companies in Nashville, TN, for a filtration system? Since these projects are all apart of the excavation process, we make sure we are the experts for whatever it is your project calls for. Whether it’s clearing, demolition, sewer work, or retaining walls, we can get the job done.


BH Landscaping has worked with a variety of excavation projects including trenching, landscaping, as well as septic or filtration installation.

Utility Lines

Water, sewage, electric, telephone, cable, gas–we’ve worked with all kinds of utilities. You can trust us to dig and install your utilities safely and correctly.


Whether rough, final, or finish grade, we have the equipment and expertise to get the job done. We work with both private and public industries.


Bh Landscaping is a one-stop shop, which means we work on homes, commercial buildings, and any other sitework projects you may need.

Your Project From Beginning to End

  • Step One: Request a Free Quote

    We are happy to provide you with a free quote. Our excavation estimators can take a look at your project at a time convenient for you and outline exactly what you need. Contact us by phone at (615) 870-9309 or via e-mail at to request your free quote, and we will be happy to put you in our schedule.
  • Step Two: Review and Approve Your Quote

    Every construction project comes with its own budget restraints, and we understand that. We will do what we can to work within your budget and still outline the necessary solutions in your estimate. Once you have reviewed your quote, feel free to ask us any questions you have. Then, once you are satisfied, let us know you approve the quote and are ready to schedule.
  • Step Three: Excavation Work Begins

    Once we receive your approval of the quote, we will schedule a start date for your project. Our professional team will arrive as planned and begin work as outlined. As work continues, we help guide our customers through every step. Any questions or concerns you have along the way are addressed.
  • Step Four: Project Conclusion and Payment

    Our professional excavating crew finishes and clears out the equipment as agreed. A walk-through and quality inspection are done to ensure all facets of the job were completed to your satisfaction. At this point in the project, you receive our final invoice, and payment is transferred for work done. The rest of your residential home building project can continue knowing you got it off on the right foundation.

Trust the #1 Choice in Excavation Companies in Tennessee

Because of the personal care that we invest in each of our customers, we have built a solid reputation on honesty, dependability, and high-quality workmanship. We pride ourselves on being one of the best excavation contractors in Nashville, TN. But you do not have to take our word for it. Just ask some of our past customers!

How Much Does It Cost For Excavation?

Every residential project is unique and different, and budget constraints vary greatly. The quality of the land, the slope, the drainage, prior work, and other factors all go into consideration when making a proposal. That being said, we would be happy to examine your particular project and give you an upfront price for excavating.

Our quotes are free and no obligation. Please contact us to schedule your free quote today.

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A lot of planning goes into home building, and we know that time is of the essence. Contact us today to work with one of the most reputable excavation teams in Nashville.

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